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Free Agent Sign-ups

  1. Looking to play in the Campbell Sportszone? Fill out this form with info about yourself! It is highly suggested you come down on the night you want to play to meet the Players & Captains as this would give you the best chance to find a team. Each Preseason if there are enough Basketball Free Agents, the Campbell Sportszone will host a open gym night for Captains, Players & Free Agents!

    Your information is not published on this website or public in any way. It is provided to the Captains only. The Campbell Sportszone does not place players on teams but offers your information to the Captains & as mentioned the possible Open Gym Night for Players & Free Agents.

    NEW: Become a GAMEDAY RESERVE which is like signing a 1 game contract to prevent a possible forfeit for that team but it gets you on the court, meeting a team which may lead to a future team add!
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  3. Skill Level (Check up to 2 max) FULL League Descriptions BELOW*
    FULL League Descriptions BELOW *
  4. Campbell Sportszone League Descriptions/Skill Levels (All games played 7/8/9pm):

    Women's Basketball Leagues:

    Level 1 – Monday Nights Main Gym: Highest Level Collegiate, Semi-Pro & Pro Basketball League (Wait List Only at the moment)

    Level 2 – Thursday Nights Aux Gym: High Level Recreation Basketball League reserved for a mix of Collegiate and Advanced High School Skill Levels with Some Roster Restrictions for D Level Collegiate Athletes

    Level 3 – Tuesday Nights Aux Gym: Middle Level Recreation Basketball League reserved for mostly Advanced High School Skill Levels with Strict Roster Restrictions for Collegiate Athletes

    Level 4 (Mixed levels of 2, 3 & 5 Kramer League) – Wednesday Nights Aux Gym: This Mixed Level League organizes teams based on skill level each season Wednesday Nights Aux Gym

    Level 5 – Monday Nights Aux Gym: Novice Level Recreation Basketball League reserved for players with little or limited background in basketball. Played some intramural in school or not at all. Less than 2 yrs of High School JV competition.

    Men's Basketball Leagues:

    Level 1 – Wednesday Nights Main Gym: Competitive Advanced Recreation League

    Level 2 – Tuesday Nights Main Gym: Intermediate Recreation League

    Coed Volleyball Leagues

    B Coed League – Thursday Nights Main Gym: More competitive; for players with high school/college/club level experience

    C Coed League – Thursday Nights Main Gym: Recreational level; for play with some high school/recreational level experience

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