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1. When does the program begin?
2. Who can participate?
3. How can I participate?
4. Can City of Campbell employees participate?
5. How can I make purchases?
6. Which businesses can I buy from?
7. What is the minimum purchase amount?
8. Can I make multiple transactions at the same business?
9. What if I spend more than $20 in one transaction at a business, do I get credit towards additional purchases?
10. How do I get a passport card?
11. When are purchases valid?
12. When do prize drawings occur?
13. How do I enter a prize drawing?
14. What if I submit my passport card and receipts after 12:00 PM on the day of a drawing?
15. How many passports with receipts can I submit?
16. How will prize winners be chosen?
17. What is the prize value?
18. How will I know if I win a prize?
19. How do I redeem my prize?
20. Where can I check prize drawing results?
21. What will happen to my contact information?
22. What do businesses need to do to participate?
23. What if I still have questions?