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  1. Looking to play in the Campbell Sportszone? Fill out this form with info about yourself and come on down to meet the Captains and players to give yourself your best chance to find a team!

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  3. Skill Level (Check up to 2 max)
    FULL League Descriptions BELOW*

    FULL League Descriptions BELOW *

  4. Basketball League Descriptions/Skill Levels (All games played 7/8/9pm)

    Men's League:
    Level 1 – Wednesday Night Main Gym: One league, Upper level

    Women's Leagues:
    Level 2 (Advanced) – Tuesday Night Main Gym: Skilled, competitive players who played in HIGHER competitive high school programs/leagues; or junior college; or lower collegiate division programs.

    Level 3 (Intermediate) – Thursday Night Aux Gym: Competed in strong high school JV or varsity programs; OR athletic and knows basketball.

    Levels 3/4 (Kramer League) – Wednesday Night Aux Gym: This league has a leveling day where teams are separated by skill level to provide balanced teams.

    Level 4 (Adv. Beginner) – Tuesday Night Aux Gym: Competed in high school at JV level but perhaps not recently; understands the game of basketball; is athletic and play different sports.

    Level 5 (Novice) – Monday Night Aux Gym: Players with little or limited background in basketball; played some intramurals in school or not at all; less than 2 years of high school JV competition.

    Co-Ed Volleyball League Descriptions/Skill Levels (All games played 7/8/9pm)

    B League – Thursday Night Main Gym: More competitive; for players with high school/college/club level experience

    C League – Thursday Night Main Gym: Recreational level; for play with some high school/recreational level experience

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