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Envision Campbell: Join the Conversation!

  1. The City of Campbell recently launched the Envision Campbell initiative to increase community input and engagement as we work to maintain our high quality of life, safety and other critical services for our community.
  2. We’d like to hear from you! Please join the conversation and let us know what your community priorities are for Campbell.
  3. Please rank your priorities by clicking on the rating for the questions below, with 5 being the most important to you. Your views are important to us. Thanks for your help!
  4. Maintaining 9-1-1 response times
  5. Maintaining police patrols, neighborhood watch, and crime prevention programs
  6. Maintaining fire prevention and protection services
  7. A safe library space for seniors and after-school homework programs
  8. Streets and pothole repair
  9. A seismically-safe police operations center
  10. Street Lighting
  11. Contact Information
  12. I would like to request a community presentation for a local community
  13. Please Keep me informed
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