Annual Street Maintenance - Winchester Boulevard Resurfacing

(Updated April 29, 2019)

The project will resurface Winchester Boulevard from the northern city limit line at San Jose to the southern city limit line at the Town of Los Gatos. The project will resurface approximately 2.5 miles of pavement, upgrade all curb ramps to current ADA standards, and will have minor traffic signal work done. The project is a part of the City’s Pavement Management Program (PMP) designed to maintain city streets at levels of service expected by the residents of Campbell. 


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The sheer magnitude of resurfacing a heavily travelled arterial street, like Winchester Boulevard, necessitates a multi-year delivery approach to design and construct; it requires combining funding over multiple fiscal years (FY). As such, the PMP is currently in the cycle of combining three FY of Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Annual Street Maintenance money for resurfacing Winchester Boulevard. The first year began in FY 17/18 when the design started for the project, and the third year will end in FY 2019/20 with completion of construction.

The project will resurface Winchester Boulevard from the northern city limit located 171 feet north of the centerline intersection with Rosemary Lane to the southern city limit located at the intersection with Knowles Drive, and W. Campbell Avenue from Winchester Boulevard to 82 feet west of the centerline intersection with Jeffers Way.

The project will cover the following aspects:

  • Upgrade all existing curb ramps and passageways to comply with ADA standards;
  • Repair uplifted/sunken curb & gutter, and root prune adjacent trees to re-establish flowline along
         the gutter pan and eliminate ponding issues;
  • Conduct traffic signal modification work as a result of installing ADA compliant curb ramps and
  • Mill/grind-down the existing pavement; dig-out and repair isolated pavement failure areas; apply a
         stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI) / rubber chip seal; and resurface the entire
         area with rubberized asphalt concrete;
  • Microsurfacing on Campbell Avenue;
  • Restore striping, pavement markings and markers;
  • Adjust various utility appurtenances to finished grade; and
  • Perform public outreach to the local businesses/school/residents within a radius of 500 feet of the
         project limit.

To minimize construction impact on traffic, some paving work at major intersections may be performed outside regular work hours.