Draft Maps

The Council wants to know not just which map(s) you like or dislike, but why you feel that way about each map. Once draft maps are posted, please take the time to look at them and share your thoughts, either before or at one of the upcoming Council hearings. And, as a reminder, you can still draw your own revisions to any of the posted Draft Maps.

​See the “Draw a Map” page for instructions and data to do so.

Interactive Review Map: (This link takes you to a website where you can view all of the maps and zoom in and out to see the map details.)

​Once they are available, each of the draft maps will be posted to the Interactive Review Map link above, and available in PDF format for viewing or printing below on this page.

About Focus Maps:

The focus maps below, along with the proposed sequencing for the districts were prepared by National Demographics Corporation (NDC) per Council direction at the June 3, 2019, City Council meeting. The focus maps were published to this site on June 11, 2019, for public review. These maps will be discussed during the public hearing at the June 18, 2019, City Council meeting. If member of the public would like to provide input please submit all correspondence to the City Clerk at, or prior to, the public hearing.

Focus Maps

Proposed Election Sequencing for Focus Maps

Proposed Election Sequencing for Draft Maps