Small Cell Facilities Deployment


With the introduction of wireless technology, how people live, work, and play has certainly changed. The demand for wireless connectivity is on the rise, with users seeking the best coverage with the fastest connection. Wireless technology continues to expand throughout the world promoting innovation and productivity.  The City is coordinating with telecommunications companies on upcoming cellular infrastructure improvements. These wireless sites, a.k.a. small cells, are proposed for locations in the public right-of-way as well as outside the public right-of-way. 


Protecting the public right-of-way and public property is a primary responsibility of the Public Works Department.  Small cell deployments in the public right-of-way will require installation of small cell equipment on streetlight poles.  The City recognizes the need to preserve aesthetic appeal in our community when small cell equipment is deployed.  Therefore, the City is looking for designs with reasonably sized equipment installed on City owned poles (streetlights) and utility owned wood poles. Installation of small cell requires a Pole License/Encroachment Permit for Wireless Facilities, and use of City property requires additional agreements and guidelines.


What governs small cell deployment? Deployment is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) with Public Works preserving the City’s appearance and infrastructure.

Which agency regulates potential safety concerns? The FCC regulates most aspects of wireless antennas including safety of radio frequency transmissions. The City complies with all regulations set forth by the FCC to alleviate any potential health or safety concern.  For more information please follow these links to the FCC’s Safety FAQ and the Safety information.

What is the timeframe of deployments in Campbell? Many small cell deployments are expected in Campbell during 2019, and continuing in the following years.


Small Cell Design Guidelines

Small Cell Permitting Guidelines

Pole License/Encroachment Permit for Wireless Facilities

Small Cell Notification