Eden Avenue Sidewalk Project

(Updated February 12, 2020)


Intersection of Eden Avenue and Rosemary Lane.


This project will provide storm drainage and pedestrian safety improvements on Eden Avenue near Rosemary Elementary School and at the intersection of Eden Avenue and Rosemary Lane.


City Staff will present City Council with the Improvements for acceptance at the March 17, 2020 Council Meeting.

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In 2017, the Public Works Department submitted a Vehicle Emissions Reductions Based at Schools (VERBS) Program grant application for Eden Avenue Sidewalk Improvement Project.  The VERBS grant program is Santa Clara’s County locally programmed portion of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission’s (MTC) One Bay Area Safe Routes to School program.  The project goal is to improve safety, provide improvements that meet current ADA standards, and improve and encourage mobility along this school pedestrian route.  This project is partially funded by this grant.

Rosemary Elementary School is located at the corner of Eden and Hamilton Avenue.  Eden is a major walking route used by students and living in the neighborhoods adjacent to Rosemary Elementary School.  The east side of Eden Avenue and the abutting Rosemary Lane lack sidewalk and adequate storm drainage facilities, which discourages students from walking or riding bikes to school.  This project will provide improvements on Eden Avenue adjacent to the school to encourage pedestrian traffic to and from school.  The improvements will include new sidewalk, curb, gutter, and driveway aprons; a pedestrian activated flashing beacon system along with striped crosswalks, streetlight, and ADA curb ramps at the Rosemary Lane intersection; a new storm drain line and catch basin, and associated pavement work.