Eden Avenue Sidewalk Project

Rosemary Elementary School is located at the corner of Eden and Hamilton Avenue. Eden Avenue is a major walking route used by students living in the neighborhoods adjacent to Rosemary Elementary School.  The east side of Eden Avenue and the abutting Rosemary Lane lack sidewalk and adequate storm drainage facilities, which discourages students from walking or riding bikes to school.  This project will provide the following improvements on Eden Avenue adjacent to the school to encourage pedestrian traffic to and from school:

• new sidewalk, curb, gutter, driveway aprons in areas without curb or sidewalk;
• ADA compliant curb ramps at the Rosemary Lane intersection;
• a pedestrian activated flashing beacon system at the crosswalk;
• new storm drain system; and
• a streetlight.

This Project is partially funded by a federal grant via the Vehicle Emissions Reductions Based at Schools (VERBS) program from Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority (VTA).

Please contact the Public Works Department at the address below with any questions or concerns.

Phone: (408) 866-2150
Email: publicworks@cityofcampbell.com