Agents of Discovery

Mission Information

Calling all Campbell agents! We have launched four missions at different Campbell locations including:

  • Campbell Community Center
  • Edith Morley Park
  • Campbell Park
  • Jack Fischer Park

Agent Experience 

Jr. Agent to FBI Director, ages 5 to 12. All are welcome to help complete the missions. 

Technology Source

The app is available for download at the Apple App Store and/or Google Play. Agents must bring along data receiving tablets or smart phone devices to find the Agents of Discovery missions. 

Agent Assistance 

For more information, please contact Tyler Freitas at or 408-866-2780.



Upon completion, agents must bring a screen shot of all four completed missions as proof of accomplishment. They can bring this down to the command center (the Campbell Community Center, Recreation Office C-31) and claim their reward- a Campbell Frisbee!