Sign Permit Program

The City of Campbell recognizes the economic need for businesses to promote and identify the goods and services they offer. Signs maintain the individual character of each business while preserving and improving the visual quality of the community, and contributing to the city’s economic vitality. In this vein, the City of Campbell wants to help businesses successfully promote themselves to the community.

The Planning Division reviews the height, size, location, and design of signs (as well as the duration of display for temporary signs). Sign Development Standards may be viewed in the Campbell Municipal Code, Chapter 21.30 - Signs.


All permanent and temporary signs require approval of a Sign Permit from the Planning Division, with the exception of those signs listed in Campbell Municipal Code Section 21.30.040 - Exemptions.

Permanent Signs include, but are not limited to:
• Wall signs
• Projecting signs
• Free-standing signs

Temporary banner sign standards are as follows:
• Measure no more than 40 square feet
• Attached to the building wall
• 30 day maximum display period
• Cannot be placed in public right-of-way

More information about temporary signs is available in the Campbell Municipal Code Section 21.30.070

Review Process

Once a completed Sign Permit Application is submitted to the Planning Division, the initial review is completed in approximately 2 - 3 weeks. Approved permanent sign applications are then submitted by the applicant to the Building Division, along with any additional required documentation to obtain a Building Permit prior to installation of any permanent sign. Temporary signs are reviewed over the counter same day by the Planning Division and do not require Building Division review. Shopping centers and strip malls may have a sign program. Check with the property owner or Planning Division to see if your tenant space is included in a sign program.

Filing Fees

See page one of the Sign Permit Application for current fees.

When is a sign permit not required? 

A sign permit is not needed for the following:
• Construction signs
• On-site informational or directional signs
• Maintenance of damaged existing permitted signs
• Real estate signs in residential zoning districts
• Re-painting or re-facing existing permitted signs
• Window signs not exceeding 25% of window area 
* See Campbell Municipal Code Section 21.30.040 for additional information on exemptions. 

Online Resources

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