1700 Dell Avenue

The City has received an application for a new office building at 1700 Dell Avenue. The 197,000 square foot lot is located west of the Los Gatos Creek Trail and adjacent to the City’s southern border with Los Gatos.

The application is for a 4-story office building and 4-story parking structure (plus one story underground) in the Dell Avenue area. The plans illustrate a building height of 60 feet plus a 12 foot tall mechanical equipment screen. The total proposed floor area of the office building is 161,870 square feet (82% FAR).
The project would require approval of a Planned Development permit because the requested floor area is above the 40% maximum allowed in the controlled manufacturing zoning district.

The proposed site plan and colored renderings are shown below. The complete plan set can be reviewed by coming into the City Hall Planning Department between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

For general information about the plans, you can also call or email the planner: 
Cindy McCormick; cindym@cityofcampbell.com; 408-871-5103 

1700 Dell site plan
View from Dell Avenue:
1700 Dell rendering

View from the Los Gatos Creek Trail:
1700 Dell creek trail rendering
 Parking Garage:garage rendering