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Carlo R
Recreation Specialist Adult & Youth Sports
League Director, Sportszone Creator, Sports Commentator, Stats Curator,
Head Scorekeeper (1150 games scorekept & counting), Web & Graphics Designer


About the

Campbell Sportszone
I have created the Sportszone for all players to enjoy, anytime, anywhere on your phones, tablets and computers!
The Sportszone core requirements and promise to you, the players, is to offer 100% accurate scores, standings and schedules that your season is based on.

Anything beyond those core requirements is strictly for your enjoyment and entertainment only. I create a lot of extra stats and commentary based on two factors; first, I am Head Scorekeeper for Kramer League and Level 3 Women. I witness these games and report based on my observations and scoresheets. Secondly, I will try and make all playoff games and finals for all leagues but throughout regular season games in leagues I am not there, my reporting is based on a scoresheet only. I create stats and stories to the best of my ability for your entertainment only.

The onus is still up to you to verify anything on the website since all scores & standings from week one to your season's conclusion is available at all times in the 'Current Results' then 'All Results' links. My commentary strives to be 100% accurate and informative, it is however, not guaranteed as a core requirement. I assure you though, I try to provide the best, most accurate info possible at all times .
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