Measure Information

On Tuesday April 25, 2017, the City of Campbell will hold a Special Municipal Election. This will allow the Citizens of Campbell to vote on three measures.

The questions to be voted on are as follows:

Measure A Ballot Question

Shall the ordinance levying a business license tax on marijuana businesses at the initial rate of 7% and a maximum rate of 15% of the gross receipts of the marijuana business be adopted to continue until repealed by the City Council or City voters, which is estimated to raise $130,000 - $260,000 annually for general City services, such as police, fire and code enforcement services? ​

​YES ___ NO___

Measure B Ballot Question

Shall the ordinance allowing the City to license up to three medical marijuana dispensaries in Campbell, which would also be allowed to deliver medical marijuana to qualified patients throughout the City, and that would allow every qualified patient and primary caregiver to cultivate up to 100 square feet or 500 square feet of marijuana, respectively, without a license be adopted? ​ ​

​YES ___ NO___

Measure C Ballot Question

Shall the ordinance imposing a moratorium on marijuana dispensaries in Campbell until at least April 1, 2019 be adopted, allowing time for study of traffic, neighborhood and safety issues, and providing the City Council discretion to allow for dispensaries after that date, provided that the dispensaries be at least 100 feet from residential properties and 600 feet from child care facilities, schools, parks and community centers, and other dispensaries? ​ ​

​YES ___ NO___