Green (Stormwater) Infrastructure

The City of Campbell is moving forward with a Green (Stormwater) Infrastructure plan to address the stormwater run-off from existing City streets and facilities.  The intent is to treat and clean this water before it enters the creeks that drain to the San Francisco Bay.  The Hacienda Avenue Green Street Improvement Project was a successful demonstration project of this Bay Area wide effort.  The next phase of this on-going effort is for individual cities to develop plans for integrating more of this Green Infrastructure into future City initiated projects, where feasible. 

The West Valley Clean Water Program, of which the City of Campbell is a member, has contracted with EOA, Inc. to assist the City in preparing the required Green Stormwater Infrastructure Plan.  A draft version of the plan should be ready in the Spring of 2019.

See the documents listed below for additional information.
 Informational Memo
 Fact Sheet
 Watershed Watch - Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program