Special Election April 25, 2017

This web portal provides information about the upcoming April 25, 2017 election in the City of Campbell. This election could affect marijuana policy in our city and could have a significant impact on our quality of life here in Campbell.

​ A small group of individuals collected enough signatures to qualify a citizens’ initiative, Measure B, for the April 25, 2017 ballot that would allow three medical marijuana dispensaries in Campbell without many of the safety and quality of life protections enforced by other California cities. Measure B would allow for the cultivation of up to 500 square feet of marijuana by certified caregivers and does not provide limits on how close medical marijuana dispensaries can be located to day-care centers, pre-school facilities, parks or private residences.

​ Additionally, the Campbell City Council placed Measure A and Measure C on the ballot to provide additional options for residents when it comes to voting on marijuana regulations in our city.

​ It is important that Campbell residents become informed about these issues facing our community. On this site, you will find additional information about Measures A, B and C, including the full resolution text for each measure.