Priority Registration


2018-2019 Priority Registration for Current Pre-School Students

Priority registration is online only. Review instructions below and note important dates.
- Priority Registration Round 1: February 1-6: enroll your child in their 1st Priority class.
- Priority Registration Round 2: February 8-14: put your child on a waiting list for an alternate class. The waiting list names will be selected in a random lottery 2/15/18. Staff will contact families if openings are available.
- New Student Registration: March 20, 2018 @ 10am (Campbell Residents) & March 21, 2018 @ 10am (Everyone)
- September tuition & forms: due by Aug 1 to retain registration. Look for July email instructions.

Current pre-school students are given 1st priority for the class(es) below.
17/18 Class               18/19 Priority Class        (if Age Eligible)  
Tiny Tots MW AM     Kinder Kids MWF AM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Tiny Tots MW PM     Kinder Kids MWF PM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Tiny Tots T/TH AM   Kinder Kids T/TH AM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Tiny Tots T/TH PM   Kinder Kids T/TH PM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Kinder Kids               Super Kinders, K Prep

Priority Registration Round 1:  1st Priority Class Enrollment
February 1 to February 6
- Click your child’s 1st Priority Class link (emailed to you by pre-school staff) & log into ActiveNet
- Complete the steps and pay the $100 non-refundable enrollment fee.
- September tuition & forms due by August 1st to retain registration. Look for July email.

IMPORTANT: After February 6th, any openings will be set aside for the lottery. If you prefer a class other than your child’s 1st priority class, we recommend that you enroll in the 1st priority class then add them to the waitlist - lottery for the preferred class(es). 

Priority Registration Round 2:  Lottery for Alternate Class
February 8 to February 14
If you prefer a class or classes other than your child’s 1st Priority Class, place your child on the waiting list:
- Click the class link(s) above between February 8 and 14 &  log into ActiveNet
- Kinder Kids morning classes will show as “full”. Add your child to the “waitlist” for each class for which you’d like them in the lottery. 
 - Add your child to as many class waiting lists as you’d like; there is no fee to do so.
- After February 15th, staff will conduct a random lottery with the names on each class waitlist.  Based on the lottery, students will be eligible for any current spaces and/or be assigned a waitlist number for future spaces. NOTE: students will NOT be selected in chronological order.
- If your child’s name is selected for a space, our office will contact you and will need a decision and the deposit paid within 24 hours. Your options will be to:
1) Transfer from your child’s 1st Priority Class (if enrolled) (no charge, $100 will transfer).
2) Decline the space and notify us of alternate plans.

Priority Registration results (Class Rosters and Waitlists) will be posted & emailed by early March.

Questions?  Call the Recreation Office at 408-866-2104.