San Tomas Aquino Creek Trail Project

(Updated April 29, 2019)

This project will design and construct trail improvements along San Tomas Aquino Creek between Sillaci Drive and McCoy Avenue.


There are no upcoming events at this time.

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For many years, the City of Campbell has been considering the planning and construction of a trail along San Tomas Aquino Creek in the southwest part of the City. This project has long been identified as a priority for the City and its residents – going back to the General Plan, which was adopted in 2001.

The trail alignment being considered would run along the creek between Virginia Avenue and Westmont Avenue (in San Jose).  A trail along this route would have multiple benefits.  It could provide recreational opportunities for residents of the surrounding neighborhood; it could provide a more natural environment for families to take walks or ride bikes; and it could provide for safer routes to school for students of both Westmont High School and Forest Hill Elementary School.

Community Outreach

The City hosted a second neighborhood meeting at Forest Hill Elementary School on November 16, 2016. Attendees included approximately 50 residents.

The Open House style meeting allowed for direct interaction between the community members with staff. The trail was divided into segments with stations set up around the room. The potential creek trail alignment was shown, giving the opportunity for those attending to comment on the trail alignment.