About Us

Mission Statement

Work Together as a team in the Department, the City, and the Community to provide oustanding police services." Toward this end, this manual, and any future revisions exist to:

• Guide police officers and civilian employees

• Promote safety for citizen and police personnel

• Establish high standards of character, conduct, and professionalism within the Campbell Police Department and law enforcement community

The Police Department has approximately 70 full-time employees and is primarily comprised of three divisions:

The Field Services Division (Patrol) responds to emergency and non-emergency calls for service and consists of patrol teams, community service officers, and reserve officers.

The Special Enforcement Division includes the Investigative Services Unit (Detectives) and the Traffic Unit.

The Support Services Division is comprised of the Communications Unit (Dispatch), the Records Unit, and the Property/Evidence Unit.

All three divisions are committed to the "Core Principles of Policing"; Service, Justice, and Fundamental Fairness.