Development Activity




Address: 1875/1901 S. Bascom Avenue
Location: Northwest corner of Bascom and Campbell Avenues
Description: "Master Use Permit", Tentative Parcel Map, and Master Sign Plan to allow construction of a new office building and retail pad buildings, expansion of the existing parking structure, exterior renovation of the shopping center buildings, and subdivision of the property.
Status: Under Construction
MaterialsCurrent Project Plans (April 29, 2016) - 40 MB File
Project PlannerDaniel Fama  


Residences at Railway (300 Railway Avenue)

Location: Located along the east side of Railway Avenue, south of Gilman, and west of Highway 17; adjacent to the Avalon Apartment Community and City Corporation Yard.
Description: Planned Development Permit for 119 apartments, 32 townhomes, and 6 duet units.
Status: City Council approved on City Council October 6, 2015.

Project Planner: Stephen Rose

Madison (Dillon Avenue Project)

Location: Southeast corner of Sam Cava and Dillon Avenue.
Description: Planned Development Permit to allow the construction of 90 townhomes and 28 apartments.
Status: Under construction.

Project Planner: Daniel Fama

 2295 South Winchester Boulevard

Location: West side of Winchester Boulevard, between El Caminito Avenue and Budd Avenue.
Description: Planned Development Permit to allow for the construction of a mixed-use building incorporating 16 residential (condo) units and 3,200 square feet of retail space.
Status: Approved; building permits not yet submitted.

Project Planner: Daniel Fama

675 Creekside Way

Location: Creekside Way, south of Hamilton Avenue.
Description: Planned Development Permit for a 170,000 square foot office building and two multi-level parking structures, and a separate 10,125 square foot office building.
Status: Approved by City Council on September 15, 2015.

Project Planner: Stephen Rose

256/269 Union Avenue 

Location: Union Avenue, south of Apricot Avenue.
Description: Planned Development Permit, Zone Change, and Tentative Subdivision Map for a five-unit townhome development.
Status: Building permit issued; completion estimated Winter 2015

Project Planner: Stephen Rose




Location: 276 E. Campbell Avenue
Description: Site and Architectural Review Permit(PLN2016-187) to allow the construction of an approximately 10,819 square-foot two and three-story expansion of an existing commercial building, in place of the existing private parking lot behind Opa’s/Mo’s, and extending over a portion of Willard Hicks, and to allow the removal of one driveway and tree on public property, the expansion of a trash enclosure and restriping of parking stalls on the adjacent City parking lot.
Status: Approved;  Building permits submitted or issued. Completion estimated Winter 2019.
Project Planner: Stephen Rose

Mixed-Use Development (formerly DelGrande Auto Center)

Address: 540-566 E Campbell Ave and 24-34 Dillon Ave
Location: Located along East Campbell Avenue between Gilman Avenue and Dillon Avenue
Description: Condominium Planned Development Permit, Subdivision, and Tree Removal Permit (6 trees), for a mixed-use development consisting of 59 condominium units, 6,512 square-feet of ground-floor retail, and 109 parking spaces.
Status: Under Review
Project Planner: Cindy McCormick