Summer Swim Lessons

Offered mid-June through mid-August of each year
See the Activity Guide for a schedule
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  Register for one (1) -week at a time, Monday - Friday,
or a 4-Saturday session
Fee per week/session: $76 Residents / $83 Non-Residents

Tiny Tots (3-5yrs)

Class ratio 1:4
Emphasis on submerging face, bobbing, bubble blowing, basic floating skills with support, water entry and exit, kicking with support and personal safety skills.  Children will progress to holding breath and to fully submerge their head for 3 seconds, retrieve items from bottom of platform, float and glide unsupported for 5 seconds.  Arm strokes and safety skills will also be taught.
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Beginner (6-14yrs)
Class ratio 1:6
Students will be introduced to floating, basic swim strokes and how to properly enter the pool safely.  Stroke development will also be emphasized.  Students will learn to kick the width of the pool with a board, float and recover front to back, begin crawl stroke with side breathing, tread water for 2 minutes, and kneeling/standing dives.
Advanced Beginner (7-14yrs)
Class ratio 1:8
This class emphasizes stroke refinement.  Successful completion of Beginner level (or equivalent) is required to enroll in this class. Using a variety of drills, students will learn to crawl stroke the width of the pool, full stroke and side breathing, backstroke with straight arm recovery, tread water using various kicks for 2 minutes, standing and surface in-water dives, under-water swimming and breast stroke kick with board.
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Swimmer (8-14yrs)
Class ratio 1:10
Emphasizes skill proficiency.  Successful completion of Advanced Beginner level (or equivalent) is required to enroll in this class.  Instruction and drills will teach proper side-breathing and progression of crawl stroke, full breast stroke and back stroke for 20 yards, open handed turns, standing dives, as well as tread water for 3 minutes.  The class will also progress to a focus on speed and efficiency in the water.  Students will learn competitive skills, including starts and turns, endurance swimming, timed continuous swims in all 4 competitive strokes, as well as treading water for 5 minutes, survival float for 2 minutes and retrieval of a diving brick from the deep end of the pool.
Adult Lessons (15+ yrs)
Class ratio 1:6
Saturday Sessions Only.  Class teaches non-swimmers flotation, basic arm strokes and kicks, crawl, backstroke and personal safety skills.  Class will also progress to stroke refinement and introduction of the breaststroke.