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Winter/Spring Activity Guide

The Winter/Spring Activity Guide will be mailed to Campbell Residents by the beginning of December, but in the meantime view our online activity guide or look through our new registration site. You can filter by age, person in your family and more! 

Please note: We have changed our registration system and you may need to create your new account online. Do it now to save you time when you register!

Tuesday, December 7th at 9am for Campbell Residents
Wednesday, December 8th at 9am for non-residents

Read these important notes before you begin so you maximize our new systems capabilities.

  • If you enter a cell phone as a way to contact you, please select your mobile carrier. Our new system allows to send a text message, which we will only text if we need to communicate something important and in a quick manner (class is cancelled, poor air quality, etc.)
  • You will use your email as your login information, but we also ask that you opt-in to receiving email communication from us by adding your email under the "Contact" section. Add your email and select up to 3 types of messages you agree to receive from us. We ask that you select "Critical Announcements" at the very least. We promise not to spam you with email, this will be used to communicate about class announcements, cancellations, etc.

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Not ready and want more information and directions? Visit this page for more detailed information

Winter-Spring 2022 Online Activity Guide


Fall Programs 2021

Fall activities are still accepting registration! View the online catalog by clicking the link or visit our new registration page to find activities for those last weeks of fall.

Fall Online Activity Guide

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