Sidewalk Infill Program

The Sidewalk Infill Program is a program that allows the installation of curb, gutter, and sidewalk in small infill areas around the City which would serve to complete the improvements within a block or neighborhood.

Program Benefits
Both the City and the property owner would benefit from the installation of these improvements because:
  • Pedestrian safety and neighborhood access is improved
  • A consistent look is provided for the neighborhood
  • Street ponding and flooding can be eliminated
  • Future street maintenance / pot hole repair costs are decreased
  • Street sweeping is more effective
Program Requirements
  • The property owner needs to complete a Sidewalk Infill Application to request assistance from the City for the completion of the public improvements across their property frontage.
  • The property must be adjacent to existing improvements.
  • The property owner must be willing to dedicate any public right of way that would be needed to install the improvements.
  • The property owner must be willing to execute the repayment agreement and have it recorded at the county Recorder’s Office
Program Repayment Agreement
The standard Sidewalk Improvement Reimbursement Agreement includes the following main points:
  • The property owner agrees to repay the City for the actual cost of the construction of the improvements.
  • The property owner agrees to repay the City in full and in annual installments over a 10 year period.
  • Interest shall accrue at a rate equal to 0.5% above the City’s net effective portfolio yield calculated on a fiscal year basis.
  • Interest is waived if the public property on which the improvements are constructed was/is dedicated to the City and if the repayment schedule is maintained without delinquency or default.