The following forms were created for your information and use. (Forms ending with an * can be filled in and printed.)



Standard Plan Sheets (AutoCAD 2015 files)

  • On-site Title Sheet (to be used for Grading and Drainage Plans) (dwg) (pdf)
  • Off-Site Title Sheet (to be used for Street Improvement Plans) (dwg) (pdf)
  • City Standard Border
    On-Site (dwg) (pdf)
    Off-Site (dwg) (pdf)    
  • City Standard Details
    Sheet 1 (dwg) (pdf)
    Sheet 2 (dwg) (pdf)    
  • Electrical Details for Street Lighting Sheet (to be used for Off-Site Street Improvement Plans)
            (dwg) (pdf)
  • Blueprint for a Clean Bay – Best Management Practices for the Construction Industry 
            (dwg) (pdf
  • Supplemental Information on Blue Print for a Clean Bay (pdf

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