Permit Information

Information Sheet for Encroachment Permits

All work within the public right of way, such as public improvements associated with new residential or commercial developments or improvements proposed by homeowners that exceed $10,000, requires an Encroachment Permit. Typically, detailed plans are required for these types of improvements.

Encroachment Permit Application Package

See the Public Works Submittal Requirements Checklist Form for all encroachment permit package submittal requirements (refer to Section B).

Upon receipt of the complete permit application package, the plans and estimate will be reviewed by the Engineering Division staff. Staff will review the plans to ensure conformance with City standards and any approved site plans. A minimum of ten working days should be allowed for this preliminary review.

Following the preliminary staff review, comments will be returned to the applicant or the applicant’s engineer for plan revisions. Comments may include: design modifications are required, additional information may need to be submitted for review, or additional information needs to be shown on the plans. The number of subsequent plan reviews required by the Engineering Division staff will be dependent upon the quality, clarity, and completeness of the plans provided and the adherence to the City of Campbell Standard Specifications and Details for Public Works Construction. A minimum of 10 working days should be allowed for each subsequent review.

Building Permit Release Requirements

In most cases, the requirement to install or modify improvements within the public right of way is a condition of approval that has been required by the City prior to allowing a particular new development or use to proceed. This condition of approval must be satisfied prior to an applicant obtaining any building permits for the proposed development or use. Prior to the Engineering Division’s issuance of a clearance letter for building permit purposes, the following items must be completed and submitted to the Engineering Division:
  • Completed application package for an Encroachment Permit
  • Faithful performance and labor and materials bonds or securities. The amount of the security is based on the engineer’s estimate.
  • Construction emergency cash deposit
  • Plan check and inspection fees (the previously posted plan check deposit is refunded upon payment of this fee)
  • Worker’s compensation insurance information sheet for the applicant
  • Satisfaction of all other Public Works requirements listed in the conditions of approval for the development

Encroachment Permit Issuance Requirements

Prior to any work commencing in the public right of way, the following items must be submitted to the Engineering Division:
  • Set of improvement plans, signed by the licensed civil engineer who prepared the plans (except for R-1 permits), stamped APPROVED FOR CONSTRUCTION by the City, and four 24 inch by 36 inch copies of the signed, stamped plans
  • Worker’s compensation insurance received from the contractor
  • Certificate of insurance with additional insured’s and primary insurance endorsements received from contractor (see Insurance Requirements Information Sheet)
  • Contractor’s signature added to permit application, if different than applicant
Upon completion of the items above, the encroachment permit will be issued. Prior to beginning any work, the applicant must request and arrange a field meeting with the contractor and the Public Works inspector. Contact the City’s Public Works inspector at (408) 866-2165 two working days in advance to schedule the required field meeting.