Recreation & Community Services

524 - Administration
  • Work with IT to develop and implement a plan for transitioning to a new registration and facilities management system
  • Lead effort to implement results of Theatre Management Services RFP and minimize impacts to on-going theatre operations
  • Work with the community to develop a plan for identifying short and long-term priorities for future department programming
525 - Senior Nutrition
  • Develop outreach strategies to ensure program participation is reflective of the Campbell community
  • Develop programming to address the nutritional risk factors of seniors as identified by the county's Annual Nutritional Risk Survey
  • Identify strategies to increase outside support for the program
526 - Senior Adult Programs
  • Develop and implement a formalized Adult Center Volunteer Program
  • Increase the Adult Center Trust Fund through donations, grants, and fundraisers
  • Develop strategies to increase the participation rates of adults in the 50-65 age group
  • Lead and implement the Class Instructors Request for Proposal process for the Department of Recreation and Community Services
527 - Community Center
  • Identify strategies to improve the scheduling and utilization of facility rental and programming space
  • Develop and implement training programs to address facility management and emergency preparedness requirements
  • Coordinate efforts to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Community Center
528 - Museum
  • Identify opportunities to diversify programming and increase utilization of Museum-related facilities
  • Improve the use of technology to expand community awareness of Museum resources
  • Implement strategies to increase the level of outside resources that support Museum operations
529 - Theater
  • Continue to work with the Friends of the Heritage Theatre to implement strategies that will increase visibility of programs, member participation rates, and program sponsorships
  • Identify strategies to increase the number of facility rentals per month, with an emphasis on non-peak hours (Monday through Wednesday)
  • Work with the Theatre Management Group to develop program performance metrics and reporting procedures
531 - Sports, Aquatics & Fitness
  • Develop written operational manuals for aquatics program
  • Conduct fee study and develop recommendations for adjustments as appropriate
  • Increase sponsorship of on-going special events and identify at least one new resource development opportunity for each of the three programs (Sports, Aquatics, and Fitness)
532 - Special Interest Classes & Programs
  • Lead efforts to expand health and wellness programs to fight childhood obesity
  • Implement new programs to increase the participation rate of middle school and high school students
  • Identify opportunities to improve the affordability and accessibility of programs for low-income families