City Management

Recently, the International City / County Management Association, a worldwide organization whose mission is to create excellence in local governance, began an effort to raise awareness of how professional managers improve the quality of life in our communities.

A Harris Interactive poll found that while a third of citizens polled know that city managers oversee the day-to-day operations of their community, only 5% could describe what a manager does or their important role in shaping a community.

Thousands of decisions are made every day in cities, towns, and counties that determine our quality of life.

Professional Local Government Managers
  • Work in partnership with elected officials to develop sound approaches to community challenges and make the right things happen.
  • Take a holistic perspective that is guided by a long-term vision for the community.
  • Commit to a set of highly ethical practices and maintain a deep sense of social responsibility as a trusted public servant.
  • Focus on sound financial management, efficient and equitable service delivery, policy implementation, and local government performance evaluation.
  • Ensure that services are fairly distributed and that administration of the community organization is based on merit and not favoritism.
  • Help build community by developing partnerships with residents and local organizations.
Professional local government managers make tomorrow happen.