Campbell Outdoors: Parklets Coming to Downtown Campbell September 28

What’s changing September 28? 

The City will install safety barriers to create parklets in parking stalls on Campbell Avenue between the light rail tracks and Third Street. The barriers will be a combination of the existing orange, water-filled barriers, concrete k-rails and potted trees. Campbell Avenue will be open to vehicle traffic following parklet installation.

What’s a parklet? 

Conversion of public parking spaces to usable space for temporarily expanded outdoor business operations. 

Will Campbell Avenue be closed to vehicle traffic? 

Campbell Avenue will be closed to vehicle traffic with cross streets remaining open September 25 through Sunday September 27 for outdoor dining and retail operations. Campbell Avenue will re-open to vehicle traffic Monday afternoon, September 28 after safety barriers are installed. Potted trees will be installed Tuesday, September 29 to help enhance the parklets’ appearance.

Where will the parklets be located? 

See images of parklet locations by clicking here

Who can use parklets? 

Permitted businesses with Encroachment Permits approved by the Public Works Department. 

Will on-street parking stalls be available? 

Yes. On-street parking stalls not converted to parklets will be available for public parking as depicted here.

How long will parklets be in place? 

Parklets will be in place seven days a week until the layout is changed or discontinued. The City Council will periodically review and provide future direction.

Where can I get more information? 

More information is available on this webpage: CampbellCA.Gov/CampbellOutdoors.


If you have general questions or concerns regarding parklets please contact the City Manager’s Office at or at (408) 866-2125. 

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Downtown Business Directory and Map


Curbside & Online Order Pickup Parking

The GREEN AREA on the map and parking spaces with the Curbside & Online Order Pickup signs are for 24 minute parking ONLY. These 24 minute parking spaces are designated for the following:

  • Curbside Pickup
  • Online Orders
  • Food Delivery Services (Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, etc.)

Click on "Downtown Parking Map" link below for parking locations.

Parking for Any Business Customer

The BLUE AREA on the map indicates parking lots and spaces available for visitors planning to stay Downtown longer than 24 minutes. This includes dining, personal care appointments, etc. 

  • 2-Hour time limit will apply to all street parking where signs are present. 
  • City Hall Parking Lot is available after 5:00 PM Monday -Friday and all day on Saturday & Sunday.

Click on "Downtown Parking Map" link below for parking locations.

Downtown Parking Map

Curbside & Online Order Pickup Parking Sign

Outdoor Operations Guidance for Downtown Business Owners

Business Operations on Campbell Avenue 

The City will soon establish parklets that will entail removal of safety barriers to allow vehicle traffic on East Campbell Avenue Monday through Thursday with full street closure Friday through Sunday. This arrangement will continue over the next few weeks until the parklet installations are complete. Once parklet installations are complete, East Campbell Avenue will remain open all week. See the FAQ's document above or access the document here for changes to outdoor business operations on Campbell Avenue going forward.

Operations on Public Sidewalks

All permitted businesses in the Downtown area are eligible to expand business operations onto public sidewalks provide that enough space can accommodate outdoor business operations and provide access for pedestrians and people with disabilities. Outdoor business activity may be located beyond the applicant’s occupied tenant space and in front of an adjacent tenant space upon the written approval of that tenant. An Outdoor Display (includes all business services) or Outdoor Dining Permit will be required for the creation of or expansion to an existing display/dining area. The application processing fees will be waived. Contact the Community Development Department at to get started. See the Flexible Business Operation Guidelines for more details.

Operations on Private Property

All permitted businesses may expand their operations within private parking lots and private common areas adjacent to their business locations. While no permits are required for outdoor business operations within private parking lots and private common areas, written approval from property owners is required for use of private property. See the Flexible Business Operation Guidelines for more details.


Flexible Business Operation Guidelines


Michael Thomas, Economic Development Specialist

Phone: 408-866-2192            Email: