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Welcome to the Adult Center 50+

Virtual Recreation!

The Adult Center may be closed during this time, but we still want to be able to provide resources in the comfort of your own home.

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 For the dates of 6/22/20-7/5/20 The following activities will be available:

Mindful Monday - Mind Game (find the "hidden" meaning) *

answers to the word search are here

Trivia Tuesday - Trivia Game #2 about Campbell*

answers to Trivia Game #1 here

Wellness Wednesday - 17 tips to improve sleep

Travel Thursday - Travel to the Portland Japanese Garden (virtually)

Fitness Friday - Enjoy a 15 minute exercise class that is appropriate for all fitness levels

*Answers will be posted on 7/6/20

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Trivia Tuesday clear
Wellness Wednesday clear
Travel Thursday clear
Fitness Friday clear