Stay Active Campbell

PAGE LAST UPDATED: February 26, 2021

While you are at home sheltering in place, Campbell Recreation wants you to have everything at your finger tips to stay active, healthy and engaged!  Below you will find lots of resources that will direct you to fitness opportunities, virtual museums, and activities for kids and adults alike!  Be sure to check out the Stay Healthy page for tips on self-care, healthy cooking and puzzles plus the Stay Connected page to learn how to keep in touch with family and friends, as well as stay up to date with COVID-19.


Let's keep moving Campbell!  We know you rely on us to provide you a time and place to keep fit, use these resources to keep up on our fitness routine. 
  • Campbell Recreation is offering a variety of fitness classes for all ages! We have a mixture of classes that are taking place safely outdoors and we have virtual options too!
  • Visit our registration page and look through the offerings! Visit us at CAMPBELL RECREATION


Campbell programs are currently suspended, but students can still learn about the world through virtual field trips, learning and culture stops. Here are some links and websites to keep your mind active and healthy while you shelter in place at home.


Not quite our History Happy Hour, but engaging nonetheless:   


Don’t forget to document this historic time. Museums will use these primary sources of diaries, journals, letters, texts, emails, images, videos, projects, to curate what the community and the world experienced during the Covid 19 Global pandemic.  Suggestions for documenting your life:
  • Keep a Journal!  Even if it's one sentence a day. If you don't feel like you can write about your day in detail, don't despair!  
  • Themed Journals
  • Memory Books
  • Sketchbook or Art Journals
  • Photo Books
  • Blog
  • Post on Facebook
  • Write letters
Changes to our city services, stay informed. Click for COVID-19 Updates