Harriet Ave/McCoy Ave/San Tomas Aquino Rd. Signalization

The Harriet Avenue/McCoy Avenue/San Tomas Aquino Road Signalization Project is a federal-aid project that would remove and replace the Harriet/McCoy flashing beacon system with a traffic signal that would operate Harriet/McCoy and Harriet/San Tomas Aquino Road as one signalized intersection.  The aim is to have the two intersections work in tandem to keep the area between McCoy Avenue and San Tomas Aquino Road clear of traffic queues, as much as possible, by allowing side-street traffic (e.g., from McCoy Avenue) to clear the downstream intersection (e.g., Harriet/San Tomas Aquino).  The project would provide ADA accessibility ramps at both intersections and widen the sidewalk on the east side of Harriet Avenue over San Tomas Aquino Creek where the current width is only two feet. 

At the June 21st City Council meeting the City Council requested an exploration of alternative combinations of signalization and traffic calming measures for Harriet Avenue.  On September 15th a neighborhood meeting was held to discuss potential traffic calming measures for Harriet Avenue.  At the October 4th City Council meeting a presentation will be given that will provide an update on the proposed project and potential traffic calming measures for Harriet Avenue. 

Below are past council reports, public notices, and presentations that provide some of the background of this project.

Council Report January 25, 2010
Public Notice for Community Meeting May 16, 2016
Public Notice for City Council Meeting June 21, 2016
Council Report June 21, 2016
Power Point Presentation for Council June 21, 2016
Public Notice for Community Meeting September 15, 2016
Council Report October 4, 2016