Campbell Village Neighborhood

The Campbell Village Neighborhood Plan is a collaborative effort between the City of Campbell and the community to provide a coherent framework for future development in the Campbell Village Neighborhood. The Plan – currently under development – will establish land use policies, transportation policies, and development standards affecting both land use and transportation to further the residents’ vision of their neighborhood.  This Plan is intended to preserve the unique character of the neighborhood and help maintain the desired quality of life.

If you would like to participate in the development and finalization of this Plan, please note upcoming meetings, hosted by the City of Campbell.  All are welcome to attend and participate. 

More information can be found below in the relevant documents. 

Check back here often for project status updates.

Open House Community Meeting January 19, 2017
Community Meeting Notice January 19, 2017
Planning Commission Meeting on January 24, 2017 
On January 24, 2017 the Planning Commission will consider a City-initiated Zoning Text Amendment (PLN2016-406) to amend Campbell Municipal Code Sec. 21.42.020 (Site and architectural review permit required) to add an exception to the site and architectural review process for minor additions and remodels to existing single-family residences in the R-1-8 (Single-Family Residential) zoning district that are located outside of the San Tomas Area Neighborhood Plan. Members of the Campbell Village Area and public are encouraged to attend. Questions about this upcoming hearing can be directed to

City Council Study Session December 6, 2016
Study Session Staff Report 
Staff Presentation
Video of Study Session
Council  Meeting Notice
Draft Plan - December 6, 2016

Relevant documents:
Cambrian 36 Annexation Study Session
LAFCO Report 2012-13
Campbell Village Boundary and Zoning
Campbell Village Improvements Area
Meeting No. 1  Story Board - October 8, 2015
Meeting No. 2 Notes - November 19, 2015
Presentation Materials:
Public Works Department Presentation - October 6, 2016
Planning Division Presentation - October 13, 2016
Planning Division Presentation - October 20, 2016 (with minor corrections)
Development Standards Comparison Handout

Past Notices: 
Community Meeting Notice - Oct. 6, 13, & 20