Annual Street Maintenance Project

News Flash! Expect Traffic Delays on E. Campbell Ave.
The City’s Contractor, VSS International, will be Microsurfacing the inside eastbound lane, the inside westbound lane, and the left turn lanes on E. Campbell Avenue between Railway Avenue and S. Bascom Avenue on Friday, September 30th between the hours of 9AM and 5PM.  One outside eastbound and one outside westbound lane will remain open to traffic.  Side street traffic will be restricted to right turns only.  Expect traffic delays, and please add a little more time to your commute.  If at all possible, please find an alternate route to your destination.  Thank you!

Local Street Sealing Has Arrived!
Recently, the City awarded its Annual Street Maintenance - Local Street Sealing Project #16-BB to VSS International, Inc. of West Sacramento, California.  The City had its preconstruction meeting with the Contractor, and it is estimated that the project will start construction the week of August 15th and be substantially completed by the second week of November (weather permitting).  

The project will be conducted in two phases:
Phase I – Preparation Work:  The Contractor will be working on the necessary prep work to get the streets prepared for surface treatment.  Prep work includes, but is not limited to, the following:  spraying weed killer along cracks, sealing pavement cracks, pruning trees, repairing isolated pavement failure areas, striping, pavement marking, marker removal, and street sweeping.  

Phase II – Street Sealing:  The Contractor will hand out a notice to the affected residents and business owners 72 hours prior to street sealing.  On the day the street gets sealed, you will not be able to drive onto the street until the treatment has had time to cure.  After the street sealing treatment has cured, the street will be opened to traffic, and subsequent street sweeping will occur to pick up any loose material.  Several days later, pavement striping, markings and markers will be replaced. 

Any questions regarding this project can be directed to VSS International at
(916) 373-1500 or via email at  Please be sure to provide your name, address (including the City), and phone number when leaving a message or sending an email.  You may also contact the City of Campbell Public Works Department at (408) 866-2150 or revisit this webpage as the City will be posting all project updates and resurfacing schedules here.
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Affected Streets
Overall Construction Schedule
Isolated Pavement Failure Area Schedule as of 8/30/16


72 Hour Downtown Microsurfacing Notice
 Updated Slurry Map and Schedule (9/27/16)