Priority Registration


2017-2018 Priority Registration for Current Pre-School Students

Priority registration is online only. Review instructions below and note important dates.
- Priority Registration Round 1: February 1-8: enroll your child in their 1st Priority class.
- Priority Registration Round 2: February 10-17: register your child in alternate class(es) lottery
- New Student Registration: Mar 21 @ 10am (Campbell Residents) & Mar 22 @ 10am (Everyone)
- September tuition & forms: due by Aug 1 to retain registration. Look for July email instructions.

Current pre-school students are given 1st priority for the class(es) below.
16/17 Class               17/18 Priority Class        (if Age Eligible)  
Tiny Tots MW AM     Kinder Kids MWF AM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Tiny Tots MW PM     Kinder Kids MWF PM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Tiny Tots T/TH AM   Kinder Kids T/TH AM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Tiny Tots T/TH PM   Kinder Kids T/TH PM     or  Super Kinders or K Prep
Kinder Kids               Super Kinders, K Prep

Priority Registration Round 1:  1st Priority Class Enrollment
February 1 to February 8
- Click your child’s 1st Priority Class link (emailed to you by pre-school staff) & log into ActiveNet
- Complete the steps and pay the $100 non-refundable enrollment fee.
- September tuition & forms due by August 1st to retain registration. Look for July email.

IMPORTANT: After February 8th, any openings will be set aside for the lottery. If you prefer a class other than your child’s 1st priority class, we recommend that you enroll in the 1st priority class then add them to the waitlist/lottery for the preferred class(es). This will ensure you secure a space.

Priority Registration Round 2:  Lottery for Alternate Class
February 10 to February 17
If you prefer a class or classes other than your child’s 1st Priority Class, register for the lottery:
- Click the class link(s) above between February 10 and 17 &  log into ActiveNet
- Kinder Kids morning classes will show as “full”. Add your child to the “waitlist” for each class for which you’d like them in the lottery. Finish the steps and double check your email receipt.
- Add your child to as many class lotteries as you’d like; there is no fee to do so.
- After February 17th, we will conduct a random lottery with the names on each class waitlist.  Based on the lottery, students will be eligible for any current spaces and/or be assigned a waitlist number for future spaces. NOTE: students will NOT be selected in chronological order.
- If your child’s name is selected for a space, our office will contact you and will need a decision and the deposit paid within 24 hours. Your options will be to:
1) Transfer from your child’s 1st Priority Class (if enrolled) (no charge, $100 will transfer).
2) Decline the space and notify us of alternate plans.

Priority Registration results (Class Rosters and Waitlists) will be posted & emailed by early March.

Questions?  Call the Recreation Office at 408-866-2104.