Neighborhood Association Assistance Grants

FY 2016-17 Applications Now Available
Established neighborhood associations and neighborhood groups considering establishment are encouraged to apply for neighborhood association assistance grants up to $500. The deadline to submit applications for consideration by the Civic Improvement Commission is Monday, October 31.

Applications can be submitted either electronically or in person to the City Manager's Office. 

E-mail completed applications to Michael Thomas at by October 31, 2016
Submit completed hard copy applications to the City Manager’s Office in person or by mail by 5:00 PM on October 31, 2016:

Attn: Michael Thomas 
City of Campbell 
70 N. First Street, Campbell 95008 
FY 2016-17 Neighborhood Association Assistance Grant Application

To learn about applicant eligibility, eligible costs, the application process and more about the grant program, please download the document below.Thank you for your interest in the Neighborhood Association Assistance Grant Program.  
Neighborhood Association Assistance Grant Program Information
The Civic Improvement Commission (CIC) provides grant funding to recognized neighborhood associations via a competitive application and review process. Eligible applicants can apply for up to $500 in grant funds. Prospective neighborhood associations considering establishment are encouraged to apply to be considered for start-up grants. This program's grant fund totals $3,000, which is allocated by the City Council.

The City of Campbell is committed to supporting its citizens by strengthening its neighborhoods. Together the City and its residents can build and maintain a sense of community when neighbors connect with each other on shared interests. In this vein, residents will become actively engaged with each other when they are vested together towards improving the quality of life and shaping the future of their neighborhoods. The City of Campbell can help neighborhoods build a sense of community with the Neighborhood Association Assistance Grant Program. 
Program Goals
  • Create unity and build consensus among residents by developing and or renewing neighborhood relationships
  • Develop neighborhood-based solutions to long-term physical, social and economic issues so residents feel vested in their communities
  • Foster and maintain collegial partnerships between Campbell’s neighborhoods and the City
The Neighborhood Association Assistance Grant Program provides financial support to offset costs to recognized neighborhood associations related to: 
  • Building or enhancing neighborhood organization
  • Increasing communication among neighbors leading to interaction across culture and age groups
  • Activities and projects that address the quality of life, safety, cleanliness and engagement throughout neighborhoods
  • Events that enhance neighborhood pride and identity  

Staff Contact
Michael Thomas
City Manager's Office